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Toddler Sleeping Bag TOG 2.5

Toddler Sleeping Bag TOG 2.5


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  • Cotton-plush & Microfiber with lining (outside: 80% cotton 20% polyester, inside: 100% recycled polyester)


  • Style: 3 in 1, with three sizes of adjustable shoulder and armhole fasteners.
  • Top and side opening sleeveless toddler sleeping bag.
  • Breathable sleeveless design with wide shoulder and neck cut-outs.
  • Retractable leg section
  • Material: The combination of microfiber and lightweight cotton is highly effective in quickly wicking away sweat and water vapour. It also has excellent heat retention (2.5 TOG) which is not reduced by frequent washing.


  • Machine washable at 40 °C, bleaching is prohibited, neither chlorine nor oxygen bleach should be used.
  • Do not tumble dry, dry cleaning is not recommended.
  • Ironing is recommended at 110 degrees Celsius maximum.


  • Night-time peace of mind: protects and warms the infants’ body all night long while helping prevent night-time worries.
  • 3 sizes in 1 product, adjustable neck and shoulder size with patent fasteners
  • Zip fastening at the bottom and sides for easy dressing and quick nappy changes
  • Material: both the microfiber fabric on the outside and the organic cotton fabric on the inside provide a soft touch
  • Well ventilating sleeveless design, wide shoulder and neck cut out and excellent breathability combine to help evaporation and thus body temperature regulation


  • 5 TOG insulated toddler sleeping bag
  • Nightwear and sleeping bags that are appropriately matched to the outside temperature will help ensure a stable night-time temperature for your baby.
  • Use our web or mobile app to help you put together an appropriate nightwear
  • Using a well-chosen toddler sleeping bag can prevent or reduce frequent night sweats.

Made in Hungary

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